24 JUN 2024
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Consumed is our space for curating & creating, we wanted to share more with you all & give you more opportunities to share with us. Part of what we want to do within our platform is share with you all the things that people in our community have consumed ~ to be interpreted by each person. For our first edition, we have tastemaker, wav.world curator & marathon runner supreme Chanel (the cowboy) Kadir.


Johann Hari’s ‘Stolen Focus’ took Chanel’s focus recently. This book shares how protecting your attention span means “actively working against the world we live in”. Eek.

“Disturbing, eye opening and inspiring - this book breaks everything down from education, pollution, diet, environment, social media and the rise of ADHD diagnoses and gives you some helpful tips along the way.” - Chanel

Recently I saw an influencer talk about how they rate shows based on a ‘scrolling score’ aka. How much they scrolled their phone whilst watching the show. Screaming, crying, throwing up after hearing this actually.

Chanel’s next rec shares what she’s been looking at, or wants to look at. High up on their list on exhibs this year is Beyond the Bassline: 500 Years of Black British Music at the British Library.

The British Library’s access to such a huge archive of material culture makes for very compelling exhibitions that feel very tangible + show how beyond concepts, culture & sound need to also be shown in their physical manifestations, we love to see it!!

This exhib is the first major exhib about Black music in Britain and spans across jazz, afroswing and reggae to jungle and grime.

Chanel’s music rec shares this new album from Naemi, via 3XL filled with dreamy collaborations with the likes of Erika de Casier, Ulla, Shy, Arad Acid & Huerco S and more. As Chanel says  it’s “one to melt into your rug too”.

Available on bandcamp now.

Thank you to Chanel for your time and recs<3

Please hit us up if you have any thing you’ve looked at, listened to or read in the last few weeks, this is your wav.world too!

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